Your Wellness In the palm of your hand.
Introducing SafeCheck

SafeCheck is the world’s 1st Wellness Wallet. Everyone, everywhere can now take ownership of their wellness through the power, innovation and security of SafeCheck. SafeCheck manages vital health records for yourself, family members and loved ones, including; emergency profiles, general wellness, mental wellness, sexual wellness, sleep wellness, prescription management, Symptoms Questionnaire and Vaccinations.

SafeCheck understands how families struggle to manage their own health and the health of their loved ones. Many families rely on their healthcare providers to access records as well as keeping physical paperwork. SafeCheck provides a safe and secure mobile application platform to manage and share this information in the palm of your hands.

How It Works


  • Input wellness information
  • Include any documents or photos


  • Select the wellness categories to share


  • Send wellness data securely to family and loved ones

Wellness Wallet

Account Creation & Management

Create and manage accounts for the whole family in the SafeCheck Wellness Wallet mobile app. Manage medical record keeping (such as tests, results and vaccination records), track symptom checking, vitals, metrics and gain key insights to keep you and your family healthy, happy and safe.

Wellness Information Sharing

SafeCheck enables seamless wellness information sharing capabilities to family members, friends, and more. Whether you are sharing general wellness with a friend and family, the SafeCheck Wellness Wallet mobile app provides users with real-time wellness sharing capabilities to communicate pertinent wellness data to their desired locations to ensure safe, secure and seamless wellness sharing process.

Family Health Dropbox

SafeCheck provides a secure single data core that keeps all your family’s medical records. With the SafeCheck Wellness Wallet, you keep control over sharing this information only with appropriate medical professionals. SafeCheck keeps information from four categories:

  • Emergency Profile – Keep you and your family’s basic medical information including allergies, blood, type, healthcare provider, insurer, emergency contacts, and more centralized and easily accessible when necessary
  • Acute and Chronic Disease Profile – Family heath profiles include information on health conditions including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, urological conditions, mental conditions, pregnancy, reproductive health, STIs and other conditions.
  • Vaccination records – Keep family records for all vaccinations including, pediatric immunizations, HPV, shingles, and COVID. SafeCheck records vaccination dates and can send reminders for boosters as needed.
  • Prescription and medication information – Keeps information on family medications, including names of medications, dosage instructions and copies of prescription documents. SafeCheck can provide reminders for regular recommendations.

Tracking and Monitoring Functions

SafeCheck’s core functionality manages your family’s basic wellness by tracking all wellness information in important categories

  • General Wellness – SafeCheck monitors several basic wellness attributes, including weight, heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition tracking, activity levels, and other key wellness indicators. It also monitors key elements such as glucose levels, cholesterol and blood oxygen saturation for individuals with chronic conditions. Reports tracking this information over time are added to the medical records and can be shared or secured with the Wellness Wallet.
  • Sleep Wellness – Provides tracking of key sleep attributes, including sleep hours and sleep quality (depth, duration, etc.)
  • Mental Wellness – One of SafeCheck’s unique elements is a daily mood survey to monitor your family’s mental wellness.
  • Symptoms Questionnaire – SafeCheck comes complete with a symptoms questionnaire that asks questions regarding symptoms should a family member become ill. This anytime access to a symptom questionnaire provides a more accurate picture of the symptoms, as SafeCheck users do not have to recall a host of symptoms hours or days later, when some symptoms may have subsided.

Subscription Features

SafeCheck is priced at $3.85 per month per subscription. Each subscription comes with the following features:

  • Manage up to 3 additional family, friends and loved ones under your profile
  • Store up to 250 MB worth of data under each profile.
  • Manage up to 8 wellness categories.
  • Securely share health and wellness information using Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines